Good food in good company

Enjoy pleasant moments. We want to enhance your experiences all day.


Every performance deserves a good reward and sometimes something sweet.

We prepare Czech and international cuisine from locally sourced ingredients. How about some fresh and crispy bread with breakfast before tennis or pork and dumplings after a day of inline skating? A frosty beer after the final foursome will come in handy under an umbrella.

Our restaurant is prepared to host your special celebration and company and social events. It is connected to an outdoor terrace and offer a well-stocked, stylish bar in wood for evening gatherings and tactical team meeting on diverse, contemporary social themes.

Celebrate your major and small victories with good company over great food and drinks.

A good appetite and pleasant fun


  • Czech and international cuisine from local ingredients
  • Capacity for 40 people
  • large LCD TV for viewing sports and for presentation purposes
  • grilling on the outdoor terrace
  • possibility to arrange the space as needed
  • catering services
  • preparation of special meals upon request

Hotel Milan Vopička v Hluboké nad Vltavou hodnocení