On a hike, bike, skates, boat, by car

There is allways something new to discover in Hluboká a reason to come back for new experiences.


Hluboká Chateau

Who wouldn’t know our jewel among chateaux. Only a 15-minute walk from our hotel.


On skates all the way to Budějovice

Tighten your laces, head out of the hotel and a beautiful, level trail is only a few metres away..

On a bike

Hluboká is traversed by several cycling trails including the renowned EuroVelo 7 to České Budějovice.

On a hike

The Vltava hiking trail will take you through a diverse countryside along the Vltava River and you can learn about the local biotope on information boards. Sport-relaxation stations are also part of the trail.

On a boat

Journey all the way to the Hněvkovice Reservoir, České Budějovice or to the confluence of the Vltava and Lužnice Rivers. A lot of beautiful photographs and satisfied smiles are guaranteed.

Hluboká Zoo

More than 300 species of animals await you together with a presentation of flora and fauna from Australia, America and Africa, as well as endangered species of Czech and European fauna.

Aleš South Bohemian Gallery

Do you miss culture? Try the gothic art from South Bohemia and Šumava or the permanent exhibition of Dutch painters of the 16th to 18th century.

Hotel Milan Vopička v Hluboké nad Vltavou hodnocení